Collateral Control , Monitoring & Inspection Services

Field Warehousing is essentially a method whereby a borrower’s trading assets are used as security at the borrower’s own premises for a loan or financing. It is a security instrument which enables the borrower, to deliver to the Bank legally valid documents of title and to grant a possessory pledge over goods stored in the borrower's own plant, mill, refinery or warehouse via the legal principle of Bailment


Under Collateral Management operations, the storage premises are owned and operated by an independent third party without the influence of the borrower. ACE GLOBAL DEPOSITORY as the collateral controller on site is granted access by the store keeper / warehouseman pursuant to a methodology devised for maintaining control, custody and possession and for effecting release to the satisfaction of the financier of the goods.


This is a specialized type of field warehousing developed to service the needs of suppliers and buyers of commodities who wish to retain ownership of the inventory they supply, or to have a possessory lien on the goods until such time that payments are received in full against such inventory, and to regulate the delivery of the inventory to the Buyer. Such service may be provided for the benefit of the Supplier or the Buyer.


These services are used by companies who would like to avail financing from banks but not by pledging their stocks specifically for this financing. This service keeps the lender accurately informed on a periodic basis about the level of inventory so that the unsecured or the secured relationship can be reassessed as conditions change.


This service is used when a company’s book debts need to be ascertained and reported on as they may be worth as much or even more than the stocks.


Under this arrangement, the Bank appoints ACE GLOBAL DEPOSITORY to monitor and inspect the physical and where required, the documentary handling of the Goods. ACE GLOBAL DEPOSITORY provides these services for the account of the Bank and the role of ACE GLOBAL DEPOSITORY is solely one of logistical monitoring and inspection.

 Stock Audits:

Stock audit in its general usage in the auditing world refers to the physical verification of the inventory. However, it may also include valuation of the inventory which would depend on the terms of reference or the engagement letter of the assignment..

 Pre-loan Justification and Know Your Client’s Client:

We provide our clients with support for identifying and determining risks that might be a primary concern when evaluating a particular transactional commodity loan and to provide adequate mitigants.