Online Services

Welcome to ACE Global Depository Online Services. Our Enhanced Collateral Commodity Credit Control Capacity (“E5C”) system is a bespoke and pioneering software solution created by ACE Global Depository for the benefit of our staff and internal users as well as external users and clients. Please click on the relevant link provided under the main tab in order to log in to E5C with your designated user name and password.

In line with our vision and objective to be the best and most Comprehensive Risk Management Partner in Commodity Value Chain and Financing, we have continuously designed creative business solutions and now provide lenders and financiers with a unique solution to mitigate performance risk and secure transactions through E5C.

We have now empowered our users in the following ways:
  • Gaining real time access to the location;
  • Assess and check accurate weight, quality and quantity of the commodity through reporting;
  • Create a single point of interface between the lender and the value chain;
  • Monitor the borrowing base in asset based and asset conversion lending through market to market evaluation.

Please make good use of our specialized platform developed especially to facilitate our day to day operations and to our clients the necessary information and reports and operational insight into all relevant deals and running operations with which they are concerned.

We have also created a special space under the E Learning section which enables us to share with you material and working knowledge about Structured Trade and Commodity Financing, Commodity Profiling, legal and operational developments in different jurisdictions, collateralising working capital loans, monitoring the borrowing base of lenders and much more. You can subscribe to our E Learning Services by following the link and completing the necessary information requested.

We are always looking for ways to perfect our business and services and hence look forward to any feedback or thoughts that you may have in helping us serve you better.

Enjoy your experience.