Our Expertise

ACE Global Depository, provides tailor-made solutions throughout the commodity value chain with a view to secure the financier or supplier. We are able to improve our client’s capital turnaround whilst offsetting operational risks on ground, by implementing swift and effective mitigation techniques.


Our global operational strength and sound ground knowledge have set us apart from the competition and has established ACE Global Depository as the leader in the field of collateral control and asset management.


The multi-disciplinary background and experience of our team members enables us in assisting banks and non-banking financial institutions to effectively monitor and control assets throughout the value chain.


History of field Warehousing

The field warehouse may be looked on as one of the late nineteenth century devices which were designed to make secured inventory financing possible. It is a remarkably successful security device that managed to exist for nearly half a century before anyone realized it existed.

Reference to reported decisions of courts in the US and UK show that the subject has developed before the courts over the last 75 years, if not longer.

The development of the legal framework via case law in US and UK has established a unique position for professional and independent collateral control service providers acting as field warehousemen, who have been entrusted with the responsibility of perfecting the lenders pledge by creating a valid bailment over the pledged goods.

Contrary to market perception, the duties and the potential liabilities of a field warehouseman are much more than those of a mere storer. In reality, he is to act as a buffer between the borrower and the lender, and is to be intimately involved in the financing transaction. His link to the actual business of storage is merely incidental - he therefore plays a key role in reinforcing and protecting the security over the pledged goods as created by the lender

Field warehousing is a plan to store on the premises of the owner the very products on which the owner desires to effect a loan at the least cost possible. The motive behind any field-warehousing arrangement, as far as the storer is concerned, is a desire on his part to enhance access to his credit borrowing. In other words, he endeavours to place his products in a position that will enable him to pledge them as collateral for a loan. Almost without exception as soon as the credit needs passes, the field-warehouse arrangement also passes."

Placing the products in a credit or collateral position could be accomplished by placing them in storage in a public warehouse, but there might not be a public warehouse in the town in which the owner of the products operates. Moreover, the owner of the products frequently owns or controls a warehouse or storage facility.

The very nature of his business frequently obliges him to have storage facilities nearby his operations. Naturally he wants to use them to his greatest advantage. Again, he may wish to avoid unnecessary freight hauls. Further, he may feel that he can make sales and shipments to greater advantage from his own warehouse facility than from some other warehouse “Field warehousing” as conducted by professional companies is now a well-known device for achieving a security interest in inventory and regulating the extent to which that inventory will be available for use or sale.




We are proud of being able to secure the operational risks attached to any asset conversion cycle or asset based lending scenario. Our risk mitigants strategies are available to various organizations for the purposes of securing title and/or control over the underlying asset and shipping documentation, which are assigned, pledged consigned or secured and held in emerging markets or remote locations where the lender has no direct or real time access. The success of such complex operations is insured by the swift interaction of our experienced legal experts, credit support specialists and underwriters, supported by the physical presence of quality controllers and field inspectors and warehouse security supervisors.




Under this arrangement, the Bank appoints ACE Global Depository to monitor and inspect the physical and where required, the documentary handling of the Goods. ACE Global Depository provides these services for the account of the Bank and the role of ACE Global Depository is solely one of logistical monitoring and inspection.




We offer a complete spectrum of services ranging from KYC/KYCC (know-your-customer / know-your-customer's-customer) to procuring the funding and arranging financing. We often assist in creating the packaged deal, which includes a complete review of the underlying term sheet and assessing the counterparty as well as offtakers in order to provide a complete view of the transaction flow and we assist in preparing the documentation which goes to the financier’s internal credit committee for approval and ensure all aspects have been looked at.




At ACE Global Depository, we offer third-party commercial solutions that allow our partners to realise physical trades. Our commercial engineering skills are as diverse as contract-farming solutions, pricing pooling services or humanitarian aid supervisory management.




With the benefit and experience of the professionals who work with us, and bring with them years of extensive training and experience, we assist our valued customers by sharing information and knowledge and provide capacity building and training and advisory services in different fields of business, ranging from our credit support, operations and risk mitigation and legal advisory services as well certain other tailor-made training service solutions.



For further assistance, information and templates with regard to our Services, or if you wish to subscribe to our premium E Learning service for a full legal appraisal and regular updates on developments within the field in various jurisdictions worldwide, Please contact us at info@ace-group.net.